Light Rail

Forward-thinking cities choose sustainable transport solutions.

We design urban transport solutions — whether tramway, subway or suburban tracks — to fit the needs of any city, in any climate. We work in close collaboration with our clients to design transportation projects that are tailor-made to their needs. The sustainable development of urban transport presents numerous challenges:

  • Minimizing disruption and blending in with the landscape
  • Reducing vibration
  • Limiting the duration of installation
  • Ensuring minor disruption to services during maintenance

Our urban solutions address these concerns.

Through research & development, and collaboration with all stakeholders involved, we have developed a series of products and solutions that are perfectly adapted to this sector:

  • Shallow depth sleepers for Light Rail Transit (LRT) are a simple and cost-effective method of constructing slab tracks in urban environments. They help to reduce tunnel construction widths and maintenance costs. Shallow depth sleepers contribute to facilitating track alignment, as they are easy to lay and adjust thanks to leveling inserts.
  • Precast concrete ladder track provides a cost-effective and robust method of grassed slab track construction. It can be manufactured in both straight and curved sections. The ladder track system offers dimensional accuracy, well-proven manufactured processes, is easy to install, and is adaptable to all types of systems and multiple configurations. This solution reduces needs of grass irrigation.
  • Vibration mitigation sleepers can be customized to specific performance requirements and are available in monoblock, twin block or switches and crossing bearer configurations. Our S312 systems offer a complete solution for vibration reduction and our High Attenuation System (HAS) for sleepers and bearers offers the highest level of vibration reduction and a cost-effective alternative to floating slab tracks (FSTs).
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