Vibration Mitigation

Sleepers can be ‘tuned’ to the specific performance requirements of the project and are available in either twin block, monoblock or switches and crossing bearer configurations.

To reduce the vibration generated by rail travel, for residents that live near a railway track, SATEBA carries out research on ground bound noise and vibration, generated by the interaction between train wheels and track. Concrete slab track systems, where a rigid concrete slab replaces the ballast, offer a better transfer of the load and greater track stability as well other benefits.


High Attenuation Systems – HAS

The High Attenuation System sleeper provides our highest level of vibration reduction and is a cost-effective alternative to floating slab tracks (FSTs). The system is a result of extensive research carried out with Alstom Transport and has been tested at the SNCF track research centre in France. HAS is an integrated system dedicated to mitigating ground vibrations generated from rolling stock. Although HAS provides the same level of performance as FSTs, HAS tracks can be laid ten times faster.


The S312 Sleeper

Sateba offers a full range of complete vibration mitigation systems to meet required, high-performance criteria in terms of noise and vibration. The design of the S312 sleeper involved predictive behaviour modeling and intensive laboratory tests carried out at the SNCF track research centre in France. The sleeper integrates a complete, cost-effective maintenance solution, as well as vibration mitigation performance. S312 can be adapted to any type of sleeper: twin block, monoblock or switches and crossing bearers and any type of fastening system. S312 sleepers can be tuned to specific performance requirements.

Style and serenity for the Eurostar

When the Eurostar arrived in London it does so in style, and with admirable serenity.
This is partly thanks to the S312 slab track sleeper, designed to respond to the noise and vibration mitigation requirements of London tunnels.

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