High Speed Rail

Very high speeds mean very high requirements!

Sateba has over 30 years’ experience in designing and producing concrete sleepers for high-speed and very high-speed lines. 

We have made significant contributions to prestigious projects such as the ICE in Germany, the TGV in France and the Eurostar lines in France/Great Britain.

We design and manufacture sleepers tailored to project specifications, optimizing costs while offering the best performance for a variety of rail gauges and fastening types. 

Very high-speeds mean very high requirements:

  • Compliance with extremely tight geometrical tolerances
  • Consistent high-quality production
  • Tightly controlled logistics management
  • Adaptable to ever-increasing speeds (commercial speeds between 260km/h and 320km/h and up to a record breaking 574.8km/h)


0 km/h
World High Speed Train Record on Sateba sleepers
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