Our ESG Pledge

We are committed to working in a responsible, safe, ethical way to provide sustainable products and services.

At Sateba we are committed to being mindful of any actions we take today and their impact on our planet, our people, our clients and future generations. This includes reviewing and improving practices and processes to ensure we do all we can to reduce environmental and social impact where possible. This is reflected in the Sateba Environment Social Governance (ESG) Pledge:


   REDUCE CO2 footprint of our products and processes

    REUSE & RECYCLE materials and water to support the circular economy

   RESPECT biodiversity and surrounding eco-systems


   ENGAGE workforce to embrace diversity internally and externally

   HEALTH & SAFETY CULTURE throughout the company to support the health of everyone

   COMMUNITY support with local groups and charities


   CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY to ensure business is conducted in an ethical manner

The Sateba ESG pledge is a base on which we will build upon and improve to include measured aims and objectives. We will keep you up to date about these on our social media and on this website.

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