Company Profile

SATEBA is a European specialist in precast concrete for rail and infrastructure from high speed lines to drainage solutions.

Our specialist know-how is widely recognised as we have supplied thousands of rail sleepers throughout Europe.

Working closely with our clients, specifiers and suppliers, we are committed to a more responsible, economy where railways – one of the most low carbon modes of transport- will be predominant; and where highly efficient drainage systems are key.

With this in mind, SATEBA is looking for new solutions to reduce environmental impact, including research into more ecological concretes and cements, and a commitment to offer sustainable solutions that will be part of the circular economy and develop in the world of infrastructure.

This strategy is based on building long-term relationships within the industry to manage the most complex projects and build growth in the sector together.

SATEBA values the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, they are the ambassadors of the company and an absolute priority.

To ensure a responsible growth, SATEBA makes the safety of its employees, guarantors of the company’s expertise, an absolute priority.

Another marker of this commitment to sustainable development is that SATEBA is now owned by a private equity fund (non-listed) called TowerBrook Capital Partners, which is the only one to be BCorp certified. The objective of B Corp is to certify companies that integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and operations. So a great company to be part of for the future of the business and wellbeing of us all.

We believe we have the right teams and set of manufacturing facilities across 9 European countries to become the best-in-class concrete sleepers’ provider in our current geographies and beyond. As a pure player, we will work closely with partners to achieve the very best outcomes.

Benoit Cattin-Martel
Sateba's CEO
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