Accreditations and Innovations

Innovative solutions bring about lower costs for railway operators.

We offer solutions for :

Easier maintenance :

  • The rail/sleeper interface is the same on slab-tracks and on ballast sleepers, therefore rails and fasteners can be replaced easily. 
  • The design of our slab track system enables easy replacement of the sleepers.
  • Our Harmelen level crossing solution eliminates the maintenance that is required on traditional level crossing systems.

Reduced ballast maintenance operations :

  • In minimizing the friction between ballast and sleepers, our under sleeper pad (USP) solutions help in reducing maintenance needs from 20 to 30%.
  • Our points motor ballast guard is a cost-effective precast solution designed to retain the ballast and provide support to switches and crossings.

Reduced track laying time :

  • Our monoblock High Attenuation System (HAS) sleeper is a cost-effective alternative to floating slab tracks (FST), enabling tracks to be laid ten times as fast.
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